Chaos Energy Group Present ArtPack No.9 "Solnzeprinoshenie
  • ...ArtPack Info...
  ab-time.jpg "Time doesn't know... // 13th place on Paradox'99 Party"
  ab-vgtrn.jpg "Vegetarian // 1th place on Cafe'99 Party (render compo)"
  eii-silm.jpg "Silmarillion"
  ezh-angl.jpg "The Angel of Game Over // 19th place on Paradox'99 Party"
  ezh-babe.jpg "Les Chants de Maldoror // 16th place on Paradox'99 Party"
  ezh-coup.jpg "Couple"
  ezh-drgn.jpg "Another Last Dragon"
  ezh-ksuh.jpg "Ksusha Metallolom or Saga about Real Friendship"
  ezh-musc.jpg "Mariachi"
  ezh-okno.jpg "Der weisse Dominikaner"
  ezh-samm.jpg "Yellow Life"
  ezh-wait.jpg "Waiting for an Answer"
  ezh-zver.jpg "My Dog"
  im-g2000.jpg "Generation 2000"
  iz0-bio.jpg "Techno-Therapy?"
  iz0-grow.jpg "Photosynthesis // 14th place on Paradox'99 Party"
  iz0-idol.jpg "Idol"
  iz0-mast.jpg "Look out... // 7th place on Paradox'99 Party"
  .,.Mad Lizard.,.  
  liz-sexy.jpg "Sexy Girl's Photos // 4th place on Paradox'99 Party"
  liz-brea.gif "Parasite Eve: Ave Brea // 4th place on Cafe'99 Party"
  liz-girl.gif "Wet girl // 5th place on Cafe'99 Party"
  liz-ken.gif "Street Fighter II: Ken"
  liz-ryu.gif "Street Fighter II: Ryu"
  liz-mumm.png "Street Fighter II: Mummy"
  liz-liza.jpg "Liza... (free 20min sketch)"
  ng-bang.jpg "Murder?"
  ng-drag.jpg "Dragon // 20th place on Paradox'99 Party"
  ng-smoke.jpg "Is this a freedom? // 6th place on Cafe'99 Party"
  ng-wood.jpg "Wood magic // 15th place on Paradox'99 Party"
  .,.Shaggy Nik.,.  
  sg-infar.jpg "infarct-robot"
  sg-matrx.jpg "Comix style hero // 7th place on Cafe'99 Party"
  sg-pratz.jpg "Prattz // 9th place on Paradox'99 Party"
  sg-prgbd.jpg "Happy BirthDay, Prog!.. // 10th place on Paradox'99 Party"
  sp-red.jpg "3.788% Complete..."
  vo-sun.jpg "Sunset // 4th place on Cafe'99 Party (render compo)"
  • ...Group History...
  In September 1997, two guys realised that the best way to improve their knowledge in programming is to work in co-operation. So it was the first step. We knew by practice that two heads are better than one. =) following this rule, by december our group dubbled. At the time, we realised we needed artists, and two artists were invited to join us. It was the second step. Soon, a musician started work with us but not long. =( Unfortunately we had to reject both his help and his compositions. But thanks to him we have now one more artist in our group.  
  In September-October 1998, 4 new members joined C.E.G. Shaggy Nik (Artist), Bazooka Bob (Artist), Sparky (Artist) and Mad Lizard (Artist). So, C.E.G. improved its artpack activity greatly, we realised artpack #3. Despite of the fact we are lack of spare time, the preparations to ByteFall '98 are progressing (We hope it will come true =)

We still need greatly a capable musician :-(

  In December 1998, Grave Digger has left our group, instead Slash (Coder/Ascii artist) joined us in January 1999. His ascii one can see since #6 artpack.  
  In February 1999, all artists prepare for ByteFall '99 Russian DemoParty.  
  In March 1999, the staff of the group has changed a little. One more artist (Ezh) and musician (Tone Regulator) joined us. Mortuary Keeper is lost in space. At Bytefall'99 our artists won 5 places: Mad Lizard - 1st; Sparky - 4th; Bazooka Bob - 5th,11th; Shaggy Nik - 15th.  
  In April-July 1999, Helios Acidum joined us as a coder in May 1999. Session kills our free time. =(  
  • ...Lastest News...
     Since the last pack (3 month ago), our group took part in two demoparties: Paradox'99 and Cafe'99, and have gotten several places. Our stuff changed greatly. After our joint pack with BUG they decided to join our group, and we got 3 new artists: iz0, v0land, eiichi, but Dr.Nikolas left us. Slash began building a strong ascii devision and found 4 more artists zer0ix, Mr.Byte, xaos, digi for us. At last, now we have a new musician, BeatMaster and two more new artist, Andy'Ba & Imitator... We still need skilled couriers!  
  • ...Members...
  Andy'Ba [ab] ,
  Bazooka Bob [bb] 2:5020/
  Eiichi [eii]
  Ezh [ezh] 2:5020/
  Imitator [im] 2:5020/
  Iz0 [iz0]
  Mad Lizard [liz] ,
  Nazgul [ng],2:5020/">
  Shaggy Nik [sg] , 2:5020/
  Sparky [sp] , 2:5020/
  Valan Acid [va]  
  V0land [vo] , 2:5020/
  Digi [dg] , 2:5024/
  Mr.Byte [mb] 2:5030/
  Slash [sl] , 2:5011/
  Xaos [xa] , 2:5070/
  Zer0ix [z0] 2:5078/
  Helios Acidum [ha]
  Infarct [inf] , 2:5020/
  Levitator [lvt] 2:5020/
  BeatMaster [bm]
  Tone Regulator [reg]  
  • ...Our Releases...
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  "Ceg & Bug project "homophobic" single [art]  
  "ArtPack #9: Solnzeprinoshenie"     [art]  
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  Ceg official e-mail:    

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