Chaos Energy Group
  • - -=ArtPack Info=- -
.,.Bazooka Bob.,.
bb-cchil.jpg City children
bb-city.jpg My city
bb-less.jpg Less
bb-mskto.jpg Moskito
bb-ontop.jpg On Top
dn-fangl.jpg Angel of fire
dn-last.jpg The last
dn-soul.jpg Soul
dn-swrd.jpg Swert
eii-dwnf.jpg downfall
eii-infr.jpg infradancer
eii-sile.jpg Poem ("Silence God 1")
ezh-boat.jpg Boat
ezh-brs.jpg Polar bears
ezh-crss.jpg Cross
ezh-end.jpg End
ezh-krys.jpg Mouse
ezh-lamp.jpg Lamp
ezh-man.jpg Man
ezh-nev.jpg I'll never be an angel again
ezh-spdr.jpg Spider girl
gu-hrs.jpg Horse
iz0-drk3.jpg Death after death (dark illusions-part III)
iz0-ship.jpg Lost
iz0-sick.jpg A cold room
iz0-23fe.jpg 23 Feb. - Day of a Warrior
ng-gren.jpg Grenade
ng-riz.jpg Rizing oF The Smoked Moon
.,.Shaggy Nik.,.
sg-3n6-2.jpg LOGO for "New Nagatino Net 6" (ver.2)
sg-ceg06.jpg LOGO for CEG
.,.United Souls.,.
us-dark1.jpg Futurescope (dark illusions-part I) [guileless/iz0]
.,.Ansi Artists.,.
ceg-013a.zip ANSI and ASCII part of artpack

  • - -=Lastest News=- -
It is a pity but we are lack of free time for scene, but we don't forget about it! =) Two new hirez artists have joined us and both are pretty girls (Delenn and Guileless). Thier works you may see in this pack.
Soon we'll finish our website, and we'll need about 150-200mb free ftp space for our old and new releases, if you can and want to help us, please, write to ceg@null.ru or infarct@mail.ru
We desided that since next pack we'll release only one part of the pack (hirez or textmode), wich is ready first.

  • - -=Our Releases=- -
  "ArtPack #1 First C.E.G. ArtPack" single file:ceg-0198.zip [art]  
  "ArtPack #2: Experience" part a:ceg02a98.zip part b:ceg02b98.zip [art]  
  "ArtPack #3: Passive Attack" part a:ceg03a98.zip part b:ceg03b98.zip [art]  
  "ArtPack #4: New Generation" part a:ceg04a98.zip part b:ceg04b98.zip [art]  
  "ArtPack #5: Happy Five" part a:ceg05a98.zip part b:ceg05b98.zip [art]  
  "UnderSea Project Preview" single file:ceg05c98.zip [art]  
  "ArtPack #6: Born to Drawing" part a:ceg06a99.zip part b:ceg06b99.zip [art]  
  "ArtPack #7: Holy War" part a:ceg-007a.zip part b:ceg-007b.zip [art]  
  "ArtPack #8: Wonderful Gluk" single file:ceg-008.zip [art]  
  "Ceg & Bug project "homophobic" single file:homophob.zip [art]  
  "ArtPack #9: Solnzeprinoshenie" single file:ceg-009.zip [art]  
  "ArtPack #9: Solnzeprinoshenie"(ansi) single file:ceg-009a.zip [art]  
  "ArtPack #10: Righteous Fire" single file:ceg-010.zip [art]  
  "ArtPack #10: Righteous Fire" (ansi) single file:ceg-010a.zip [art]  
  "ArtPack #11: Windows Of The Souls" single file:ceg-011.zip [art]  
  "PhotoPack #1: HANA" single file:ceg_phot.rar [art]  
  "ArtPack #12: Facet Reality" single file:ceg-012.zip [art]  
  "ArtPack #12: Facet Reality" (ansi) single file:ceg-012a.zip [art]  
  "Music MP3: "Lighten My DOOM" (Author:FRETNOIZ)" single file:fn-light.zip [msc]  
  "ArtPack #13: opPositi0ngr0und" single file:ceg-013.zip [art]  
  "ArtPack #13: opPositi0ngr0und (ansi)" single file:ceg-013a.zip [art]  
  Chaos Energy official e-mail: ceg@null.ru