• The wavelet compression libray is used to produce this pictures.
  • Now look at Fig.1. This is original, unchanged picture then Fig.2 contains 100:1 compressed and restored JPEG image and Fig.3 contains 100:1 wavelet compressed same image.
  • But you must view some other pictures, wavelet comressed yet. See to original pictute (Fig.4) and their compressed versions (Fig.5,6).

  • Fig.1 "Original" picture. Thanks to derPunk (#pixel,IRCNet)

    Fig.2 100:1 JPEG compressed

    Fig.3 Wavelet compressed

    Fig.4 Original 2

    Fig.5 JPEG 100:1 compressed

    Fig.6 Wavelet compressed 100:1 with different wavelet types.

    So, if you wants write me you do.